Sunday, September 12, 2010

It ain't fair

Last week while travelling on Island express, I came across a young boy, whose activities moved me very much.  He stepped into the compartment, removed the ragged shirt he was wearing, folded it into a bundle, came down on all fours and started sweeping the floor with that.  In slow yet neat strokes, he was collecting all the dirt and dust and also moving forward at the same time.  Occasionally, he would throw a soulful glance and thrust his hand forward.  Now this was not the first time I was seeing this.  In fact, used to see hoards of boys like this on our quadrennial trip to Kerala from Bihar, but this one set me off on a train of thoughts.  I tried putting myself in this boy's place, but still could not imagine myself doing that, because even if i was in that boy's place, I was still "deekay" and deekay would never do that.  I would try to work and earn money, do menial job, but wont beg. why? Because I had this upbringing in which values were inculcated in me by my parents and so it was unthinkable for me, but this boy had nothing like that. Or may be his parents had inculcated this begging thing into him, who knows!! I never had the option of choosing my parents and neither did he, but both of us did end up having parents which ultimately led us to the way we were.  Now is it fair?

I remembered Karna and Ekalavya of the Mahabharata.  Karna, one of the earliest known antiheroes and Ekalavya the greatest archer world would have ever known were sacrificed at the alter of life by the cruel hands of fate and destiny and, both had Arjuna as the competitor, the destiny's child.

It was while going through all these that I suddenly remembered Hassan, oh how could I forget him.  The self- sacrificing, hair-lipped kite runner of Amir from the "Kite Runner."  It was one of the 2 books in the recent past which had made me emotional, the other being Roots (more on that some other time).

Meanwhile the "shirt sweeper" had reached my side by now and I placed a few coins in his hand and he made his way forward on his all 4s.....


  1. it's a true fact-'destiny'....but when life tests us we just forget of how lucky we are and compare ourself with those who are standing in higher position and not with those who are below to us....well nice writting...
    Keep up your good work...:)

  2. Life of a writer opens up his eyes to his surrounding. Events that most of the population ignores and takes as granted and the way of life (in this case the life of the train travelers and the life of this boy cleaning the floor of the train with his own shirt) are the same events that when unfolds in front of a writer's eyes, resonates with his soul and sets him off on trains of thoughts, reflection, and contemplation. Some lead to decisions and some to the realm of uncertainty.

    Upbringing is a factor that effects everyone in life. Who is to blame?

    Reading this reminded me about R K Narayan. Simple events in life expressed in a good way.

  3. :-)......feels gr8 to c ur responses....thnx a lot for the encouragement...

  4. Well. The layout is nice and fit. The language is simple. Well described small events.
    It won't be nice if we just blame the destiny and sitback. Hence we should do something.
    Here I would like to lead a life where those children's can be part of my life too. Where I can bring them to a life that is considered to be decent according to me. Yep,it's a tough and hard. But I hope we can achieve it if we act together.
    And the Mahabharath, though it's considered to be a classic and representative of Indian culture, can be seen many similar events with injustice.

  5. thnx Nasweef for ur comments n appreciation...any ideas on how to bring changes in their life? then regarding Mahabharata, yeah there has been injustices, but are not classics supposed to portray life and Mahabharata has precisely been able to do as it is.....

  6. Most welcome Deekay. :)
    Its quite easy to reach out to the people who have been under worse condition for long time, when we have good organization which submit themselves to uplift those communities. Among few I know, the one attract me more is 'Vision 2016'. And group of people like 'solidarity' in Kerala and like 'MPJ' in AP are well inspiring. A group of people who submit their life to fight for the silenced and to work for their uplifting. Since its a small group it can only bring change in small amount. I hope more and more people will come forward to achieve this noble cause. Thinking very hard how can I be part of them from outside the country!
    Then its very imporatant for us to understand that our own 'Big' Companies and foriegn companies and the money loving political leaders have a very good role in creating a big socity with such conditions. They simply throw out this families from their land and home just to bring out 'development'. Hence we should be very carefull when we choose to vote for any candidate and any party, we should think twice before we consume any of the products in the market, we should consider those childrens before we spend much on our on leisures. Then only we will have the right to speak and work for them.
    I would like to consider Mahabharatha as fighting story of family members for power which end up like none achieved the power. Why people consider it as a story of right and wrong! Wondering highly about the portrayal of unjust people to noble men.