Monday, May 30, 2011

Doctor in love

The monsoon has started to make its presence felt in Kerala, and I am rather feeling it acutely in the form of power outage one day, then internet unavailability on the other.  It was one such day..err..night when I was without net and all the thundering and lightening going on in the background that I turned to my much neglected and dilapidated bookshelf.  The archeologist in me was suddenly alive and I started digging.  (My book shelf is more like a mound so one has to really dig).  After digging deep, at last I was able to come up with Richard Gordon's "Doctor in love."  It is a book I had purchased some time back and had entirely forgotten.  Now the time was ripe, and so off I went to the land of Dr. Richard Gordon, an intern at St. Swithin's hospital, who during a bout of jaundice falls in love, gets duped, vows to remain bachelor, and then when all was going fine and he least expected, love happens again, this time sweeping him off his feet and the story ends with tying of nuptial.  With his queer friends and queerer mentor, Dr. Richard Gordon's world is funny and I had a great time reading this book.

Did I enjoy this more because I am an MT, well, I cannot really say so, but perhaps the medicals humors made more sense to me due to my work and training, but still I guess those who love reading should enjoy this one.

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