Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The book of life

Isn't our life itself like a book, although there is no guarantee that there will be a certain ending or whether it will be left unfinished. I felt like this due to an event which happened last week.  Although I have read about death in many books and the different perspective that it brings, still no amount of reading can compensate for the real life experience.  To see a man with whom you talked recently, lying in front of you, surrounded by wailing family members is heart wrenching and pondering over his death left me with many "what if" and "why" !!  There were only 2 answers to be elicited for this event (which were also the cliched ones), 1.  He was very good and thats why he was called back.  2.  His time had come, so nothing could have stopped his demise.

Being a novice in spiritual matters, I do not know what to derive from all this, except the fact that life is unpredictable, and the most important thing is I am still here to fight out another day.....

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