Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mohan Bhai

This post is not about any book, and to tell the truth, actually I am not much into reading these days, although I did finish Ken Follet's Whiteout some time back.

I would like to share something with all of you here.  As we keep getting lost in the daily grind of life, we do miss the point....that is life is simple, and life is beautiful.

By the way, you may be wondering who is Mohan Bhai, hmm....he is neither my colleague nor a relative, although, I can say he is a friend I got from www like some of you.  And how I bumped into him is an interesting tale.....

I am an on and off member of Shelfari, some times I am active there for prolonged periods of time, other times I am in hibernation, and it was during one such period of hibernation that I was informed by e-mail that book information on one of my favorite books, "Swami and friends" had been modified, out of curiosity I decided to visit Shelfari and found Mohan Bhai.  I gave him friendship request on Shelfari which he promptly accepted and asked for some samples of his short stories (he had mentioned about it in his profile).....I also added him in Face book and it was there in FB, that while going through his blogs, it suddenly dawned on me that his friendly demeanor and humor masked pain and suffering.  He was a cancer patient, it came as a rude shock to me, suddenly I started seeing him in a different light.

Despite suffering from a deadly disease, I found him to be a humorous person, looking at the sunny side of life.

I am reproducing his FB notes here...

My simple pleasures of life

(1) drenching in the rain
(2) touching the petals of the flowers that carry drops of rain
(3) observing kids' expressions while they watch cartoons on TV
(4) doodling on the window glass while it rains outside
(5) getting licked on face by my pet dog
(6) watching the swaying trees just before it rains
(7) observing the girl in love
(8) long drive with the loved one, hand-in-hand
(9) reading out stories to kids
(10) teaching mathematics or science to children
(11) rest my head on my loved one's shoulder while we watch the sun setting
(12) touch her well-made up strands of hair gently
(13) listening to ghazals in the moonlight
(14) having dinner in a roof-top gazebo with classical music in the background
(15) smelling the pages of the book that I read

Things I want to do in my lifetime

(1) Spend a week in Switzerland
(2) Read 1000 books of literature
(3) Learn speaking French
(4) Learn playing guitar
(5) Help atleast 50 patients fight against cancer
(6) Help atleast 3 people achieve their dreams
(7) Publish atleast 1 article in Harvard Business Review (HBR)
(8) Write atleast 1 textbook
(9) Be part of a historical/archaeological expedition
(10) Organize 5 tennis tournaments
(11) Watch all grand-slam finals at their respective venues
(12) Write 5 stories and 2 novels of fiction
(13) Help atleast 1 company improve its top-line
(14) Pursue doctoral research

He passed away on December 3, 2010.  His death did come as a shock as I  was under the impression that he would recover, but at least his suffering had ended, as desired by him in his last blog post.

RIP dear Mohan Bhai...

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